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From James Boudalis

Rated 5/5 based on 14 customer reviews
"My parents were treated by Dr. Qazi and his Team. Dr. Qazi and his Team were very nice and helpful. Dr. Qazi is so personable and thinks about the improvement of his patients by introducing new exercises into the treatment regime as needed. My parents were extremely pleased with the professional care Dr. Qazi and his Team provided and saw improvements in their physical mobility after completing their physical therapy treatment sessions. I am extremely pleased to provide 5-stars and wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Qazi and his Team for anyone's physical therapy needs."
Nov 15, 2022
"My husband, eldest son and I all go to their Des Plaines office. I give them a 5-star rating because scheduling an appointment is such a piece of cake. Very accommodating with our requests. Dr. Aslam is very professional, He thinks about the improvement of his patients by introducing and using different types of modalities. Danica is also very organized and approachable, always smiling and very eager to help. "
Apr 25, 2020
"Omg!!!! I saw the reviews for this place for therapy , and that’s why I chose to get therapy here. Everyone is so friendly. I wasn’t sitting , and waiting forever , and the Therapist Dr Was amazing it was my 1st appointment, but I left feeling so good. Thank you "
Jul 03, 2019
"I would definitely refer anyone to Excel the staff is very friendly and professional. I have gone to many physical therapist but this is by far the best Dr. and staff. They are very encouraging and have helped me with getting moving again after a badly broken foot."
Jun 21, 2019
"Wonderful place . The staff is very nice and professional. When I started qbout a month ago I. Wasn't able to move my right foot or my toes. I wasn't sble to lift my right LEG NOW I'm walking qnd able to move my toes, foot and lift my leg..... So thankful. "
Apr 04, 2019
"very friendly staff who focus on treating the issue properly. they put you right to the track. I'm very satisfied with the results. "
Mar 12, 2019
"This is an e-rehab test."
Feb 18, 2019
"Before I began my physical therapy, I was suffering from sharp foot pain due to severe plantar fasciitis. I am extremely grateful for the professional care I have received from all of the caring staff at Excel. Thankfully, I am returning to walking and completing normal daily activities free of pain. Thank You."
Oct 21, 2018
"Good experience. I would refer Excel to anyone who needed PT. When I came, over a month ago, I couldn't raise my left arm. Now I can raise my arm and more."
Oct 21, 2018
"I had a serious injury and was not able to step on my foot when I first started therapy. With the staff's help, their exercises, and their motivation, I am able to walk again with 50% of my weight. They are very nice and helpful."
Oct 21, 2018
"I was having trouble walking and with my balance. My walking ability has increased greatly. My balance has improved in some areas, I still need more therapy. The Dr. was mentioning a new type of therapy he is considering based on the 'connect' technology."
Oct 21, 2018
"Very nice and helpful staff. They are caring about the results and give you motivation to accept the challenges. There are exercises they give you to do at home that works well with the therapy the give."
Oct 21, 2018
"After being in and out of many physical therapy clinics over the years, I feel that my journey with Excel Therapy is the best so far. What sets Excel apart from the rest is their emphasis on individual care. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable with the ability to be very flexible with appointments. The best part is that you receive top tier care that is very affordable!"
Oct 21, 2018
"My visit was awesome. I had surgery on both of my heels due to a soccer injury. I was in a lot of pain and not able to play my favorite sport. . Now, after 4 months of therapy, and great support from all the team that helped me get through this, I am able to walk a lot better and am in less pain. I recommend Excel Therapy to the fullest. They are a great team that makes it possible for you to get better. Thank you Doctor Aslam."
Oct 21, 2018